Tardy Bells and Witches’ Spells by Sarina Dorie


This is the first book in Sarina Dorie’s Womby’s School for Wayward Witches series. While this book falls under young adult as the series progresses the books feature more adult themes so I would not recommend it for younger readers. The author has intended for the books to be read out of order but I prefer to see the story develop chronologically.

Clarissa Lawrence has always felt like an outcast. Obsessed with Harry Potter, faires, and anything magical she has longed for the day when she would discover magic is real. Her one friend was her sister Missy but everything changed the day her family went to a county fair. Missy disappears for hours and when she is finally found she is not the person Clarissa loved. Missy is now convinced that Clarissa will kill her.

With her sister now hell-bent on ruining her life Clarissa starts high school and suffers at the hands of Missy. Meeting an oddball group of friends Clarissa finally has friends. one boy, in particular in the group Derrick, is a staunch ally and supports Clarissa in her belief that magic is real.

Weird things keep happening around Clarissa and she finds herself being followed by ravens. Each time strange things happen the state psychologist turns up and Clarissa finds her memory a little hazy.

This story ends tragically for Clarissa as she finally discovers magic is real but it comes at a cost. She loses the two people she cared most about.

I really loved this book. Clarissa was a character after my own heart. I was the fantasy-obsessed dork who hoped to discover magic was real. This book was filled with pop references that I completely related to. It ends on a cliff hanger which I hate but I was delighted to discover there are eleven more books in the series already published. I read each of them back to back, I was hooked. I was offered some of the books for review which is how I discovered this series but I did go back to the beginning, some are available on kindle unlimited, this title for example, and others I purchased.



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