Lady No Says Yes (The Scandal Sheet #3) by Jess Michaels

Sophia has become known as Lady No to society. She has refused all dance partners, carriage rides, etc. She has seen what an unhealthy marriage did to her parents, and she has no interest in enduring the same. She is a wealthy heiress with no need of a husband but when her aunt bargains with… Continue reading Lady No Says Yes (The Scandal Sheet #3) by Jess Michaels

Communication Skills by Minxie Wells

Kira is a novelist and a dedicated scrabble player. Determined to get to the national Scrabble tournament she is stopped by a new man at the scrabble club, Grahame Grimes.  Kira has secretly been delving into the world of BDSM, and when one of her trivia group offers to take the group to a BDSM… Continue reading Communication Skills by Minxie Wells

Stealing the Duke (The Scandal Sheet #2) by Jess Michaels

On the death of her father, the Earl of Martingale, Lady Marianne found he had been stealing items from the aristocracy. by doing the honourable thing and returning the items Marianne found herself in disgrace. Complicating matters, the cousin who inherited the estate is throwing Marianne and her young sister onto the street. Marianne thought things… Continue reading Stealing the Duke (The Scandal Sheet #2) by Jess Michaels

Enticing the Boss by Lily Bly

  Jean Price has been in love with her boss David Shep for six years, there’s just one problem, he’s engaged with her evil step-sister. Jean has scheduled a vacation to coincide with the happy couple’s engagement party. As she is about to leave she finds David in his office scrambling to come up with… Continue reading Enticing the Boss by Lily Bly