The Sheriff’s Mail-Order Bride (The Watson Brothers #2) by Ann B. Harrison

This book had so many elements I love, mail-order bride, angst ridden hero and adorable baby. The story started off great, misunderstandings, meddling family, will they/won't they romance. The characters backstory was well thought out and executed brilliantly. The hardship the two lovers had to overcome was so heartbreaking. it's the ending that really let… Continue reading The Sheriff’s Mail-Order Bride (The Watson Brothers #2) by Ann B. Harrison

Something More by Winnie Griggs

This book provides a different take on the familiar mail order bride premise. Elthia, hoping to prove to her wealthy family that she can be an independent woman believes she is being sent by an agency to be a governess for three months, to two children who live with their father and a bed-ridden mother.… Continue reading Something More by Winnie Griggs

Bride of the High Country (Runaway Brides #3) by Kaki Warner

I preferred the two previous books in the series. The first part of the book deals with Lucinda’s life prior to arriving Heartbreak Creek. Lucinda, or Margaret as she then was, proved to be an admirable heroine who’s story moves you as she overcomes severe adversity in her search for safety and security. It’s the… Continue reading Bride of the High Country (Runaway Brides #3) by Kaki Warner

Colorado Dawn (Runaway Brides #2) by Kaki Warner

The second installment in the runaway brides’ trilogy and it doesn’t disappoint. There was real chemistry between the two lovers and while Angus was definitely a neglectful husband prior to coming to America, he redeems himself beautifully in his attentiveness to Maddie and his need to protect her. I loved the camaraderie between Angus and… Continue reading Colorado Dawn (Runaway Brides #2) by Kaki Warner