Mental Health Tracker by Zeitgeist Wellness

A Daily Journal to Manage Anxiety and Create Healthy Habits Published: 01 Mar 2022 | Publisher: Zeitgeist Length: 192 Pages My Rating: 3.5 stars Blurb: Take control of your anxiety with this guided mental health journal that helps you identify triggers and nurture healthy habits. Make time for yourself with this approachable guided journal, which includes… Continue reading Mental Health Tracker by Zeitgeist Wellness


Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal by Latha Jay

A Guided Journal for Manifesting Your Deepest Desires Published: 24 May 2022  Publisher: ⭐⭐⭐ Length: 128 Pages My Rating: Blurb: Everyone manifests—creating what we have in our life through thoughts, beliefs, and actions—but not everyone does so with conscious awareness. Without focused intention, we manifest by default, allowing limiting beliefs and doubts to hold us… Continue reading Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal by Latha Jay