Courting Trouble

(Goode Girls #2) by Kerrigan Byrne Published: December 8th 2020 Publisher: Gnarly Wool Publishing Length: 220 pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: Doctor Titus Conleith emerged from his time as a battlefield surgeon with a mysterious fortune, a lethal secret, and a demon on his back. Ruthlessly intelligent, he was able to lift himself from his… Continue reading Courting Trouble

Forever Your Duke

(12 Dukes of Christmas #12) by Erica Ridley Published:  December 18th 2020 Publisher: Indie Published Length: 202 pages My Rating: 5 stars Blurb: This year, the Duke of Nottingvale's Christmastide house party doubles as a bride hunt. The handsome duke seeks a blue-blooded debutante as respectable as he is, and his parlor is brimming with paragons… Continue reading Forever Your Duke

Ten Days with a Duke

(12 Dukes of Christmas #11) by Erica Ridley Published: November 13th 2020 Publisher: WebMotion My Rating: 3.5 stars Blurb: Olive Harper's family has been feuding with the Westons for decades. The Westons’ stud farm is the biggest, but the Harpers’ is the most famous... and she's the sole heiress. Or was, until her father brokers a truce… Continue reading Ten Days with a Duke

Married to the Rogue

(Season of Scandal #3) by Mary Lancaster Published: November 10th 2020  Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing, Inc. Length: 229 pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: Free to follow her heart…just not to her husband! Deborah needs a husband to protect her from the scandal breaking over her head; Christopher Halland, a radical and ambitious member of parliament, needs… Continue reading Married to the Rogue