His Rebellious Lass (Scottish Hearts #1) by Callie Hutton

Lady Bridget has plans for her life there's just one problem, even though she’s 21, her father made her the ward of the Marquess of Campbell, so she can’t access her fortune until she’s 23. She has plans for her money and is adamant she will not marry and be under the control of a… Continue reading His Rebellious Lass (Scottish Hearts #1) by Callie Hutton

The Reluctant Duchess (The Brides of St. Ives #4) by Jane Goodger

This book, while part of a series, can be read as a standalone. I have read two others in this series.  Oliver Sterling, eleventh Duke of Kendal, had lived in seclusion since the death of his father when he was a young boy. His servants and the local villagers believe Oliver is a monster and… Continue reading The Reluctant Duchess (The Brides of St. Ives #4) by Jane Goodger

Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty #1) by Sabrina Jeffries

Fletcher Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt, has been summoned to the country to help his grieving mother whose third husband has just died. Grey's mother has married three different dukes and given birth to five children. Grey is her eldest child, and the one estranged from the family as he was sent to live… Continue reading Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty #1) by Sabrina Jeffries

Dearly Beloved by Mary Jo Putney

Dearly Beloved is a republishing of a book first published in 1990. Diana Lindsay yearns for a new life for her and her son. When a chance encounter with a former courtesan opens up new opportunities for her, she sets out with her new friend to become a courtesan, on her first night 'out' she… Continue reading Dearly Beloved by Mary Jo Putney