Undercover Duke by Sabrina Jeffries

(Duke Dynasty #4) Published:  May 25th 2021 Publisher: Zebra Length: 352 Pages My Rating: 4.5 stars Blurb: Along with his stepsiblings, Sheridan Wolfe, Duke of Armitage, is determined to finally solve the mysteries behind the suspicious deaths of their mother’s three husbands. Tasked with investigating a possible suspect, Sheridan finds himself in dangerous proximity to… Continue reading Undercover Duke by Sabrina Jeffries

The Virgin and the Viscount by Robyn DeHart

(Lords of Vice #4) Published: April 12th 2021 Publisher: Entangled: Scandalous My Rating: 3 stars Blurb: As a Lady of Virtue, Matilda Brooks swears to reform the most despicable man of her acquaintance, her brother-in-law, Sullivan Chase, Viscount Glenbrook. Well he may not be the most despicable, but he is certainly arrogant, flirtatious, and entirely… Continue reading The Virgin and the Viscount by Robyn DeHart

How to Capture a Duke (Raven Club Book 3) by Tina Gabrielle

Published: October 14th 2019  Publisher: Entangled Publishing, Length: 150 pages My Rating: 3 stars Blurb: Lady Olivia, the youngest sister of the Earl of Castleton, has no patience for the boring gentlemen of aristocratic society. She longs for a more adventurous life like the ladies who visit the Raven Club. But her plans are thwarted… Continue reading How to Capture a Duke (Raven Club Book 3) by Tina Gabrielle