Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty #1) by Sabrina Jeffries

Fletcher Pryde, the 5th Duke of Greycourt, has been summoned to the country to help his grieving mother whose third husband has just died. Grey's mother has married three different dukes and given birth to five children. Grey is her eldest child, and the one estranged from the family as he was sent to live… Continue reading Project Duchess (Duke Dynasty #1) by Sabrina Jeffries

How (Not) to Marry a Duke by Felicia Kingsley

  Jemma Pears is a theatrical make up artist who is soon to be out of work. When she receives the news that her estranged grandmother has died and left her fortune to her. There‚Äôs just one catch, she must marry a man with a title to inherit. Ashford, the new Duke of Burlingham has… Continue reading How (Not) to Marry a Duke by Felicia Kingsley