To Catch a Texas Star (Texas Heroes #3) by Linda Broday

To Catch a Texas Star is the third instalment in Linda Broday’s Texas Heroes series. I haven’t read the previous entry in the series, but this didn’t end up being a problem for me as the author has crafted a story that stands perfectly well on its own. Roan Penny has drifted from place to… Continue reading To Catch a Texas Star (Texas Heroes #3) by Linda Broday

Wild Passion (Montana Mountain #2) by Dawn Luedecke

Simon Sanders, has isolated himself following a cougar attack one year ago. Hiding his scarred face from the world he seeks solace at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Carrie Kerr, cannot watch the man she loves suffer any longer. Kidnapping him to bring him back to the world seemed like a good idea at… Continue reading Wild Passion (Montana Mountain #2) by Dawn Luedecke

The Scotsman Who Saved Me by Hannah Howell

I received an arc of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. We meet our hero as he and his brothers come across a burning cabin. Seeing the occupants have been murdered they scavenge what supplies they can. Upon discovering a child lived in the home, our hero, Iain, sets out to… Continue reading The Scotsman Who Saved Me by Hannah Howell