A Little Wilder by Serena Bell(Wilder Adventures #4)

Published:June 2022 Publisher: Jelsba Media Group My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ Blurb:What happened in Vegas? Definitely didn’t stay in Vegas.Gabe’s the oldest. Brody’s the bad boy. Clark’s the strong, silent warrior. Amanda’s the girl. And Easton—well, Easton’s the panty melter.I’m Kane.Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad job. But usually, I’m not the one people… Continue reading A Little Wilder by Serena Bell(Wilder Adventures #4)

The Earl’s tempting ward by Bella Moxie

Published: 10 June 2022 Publisher: Dragonsblade My Rating: ⭐⭐ Blurb: This book had so much potential but I felt the author did her characters a disservice by not fleshing out the full story of the main characters. It felt rushed and this impacted on the chemistry of the characters. The author was going for a… Continue reading The Earl’s tempting ward by Bella Moxie

Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff by Lexi George

(Demon Hunting #6) Published: April 12th 2022 Publisher: Lyrical Press Length: 304 pages My Rating: Blurb: THIS TOWN’S GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL. With its cross-cultural mix of good ol’ boys, big bad wolves, and otherworldly beings, Behr County is the last place you’d want to be a cop. But for Sheriff Dev Whitsun, it’s Sweet… Continue reading Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff by Lexi George

Romancing the Rancher by Kate Pearce

Published:28 Dec 2021 Publisher: Kensington Books, Zebra Length: 352 pages My Rating: ⭐⭐ Blurb: Welcome to California's ranch country, where the cowboys of New York Times bestselling author Kate Pearce's sexy and heartwarming series live, learn, and find love...Ranching will always run in Evan Miller's blood, but as the fifth son, he also wants to… Continue reading Romancing the Rancher by Kate Pearce