The Afterlife of the Party

(Afterlife #1)by Marlene Perez Published:  February 2nd 2021 Publisher: Entangled: Teen Length: 352 Pages My Rating: 1.5 stars Blurb: When my best friend Skyler told me about this party in the Hollywood Hills, I was less than enthused. As it turned out, my feelings were more than justified. That party ruined my life. Tansy didn’t even… Continue reading The Afterlife of the Party

The Burbs and the Bees

by Cathryn Fox Published: November 30th 2020 Publisher:  Entangled Publishing LLC (Amara) Length: 400 pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: I just inherited an apple orchard in Nova Scotia. That’s definitely a sentence I never would have imagined saying in my life. I’ve only ever been a socialite from New York, but that orchard is my… Continue reading The Burbs and the Bees