A Twist of Fate by Karen Michelle Nutt

Arianna Ward was roped into going to a fortune teller by her friend. After a strange prediction she is struck by a fallen beam and the next thing she knows its 1814 and people keep calling her Annabelle. While her memories of her earlier life is foggy she knows she couldn’t possibly be the horrible… Continue reading A Twist of Fate by Karen Michelle Nutt

Daredevil’s Mistress by Charlene Namdhari

Samantha Harman is a pampered princess. Longing to have some freedom she must persuade her over protective father to allow her to travel on her own to visit her college friend. Her father only agrees if Samantha will consent to an arranged marriage on her return to South Africa. Cody Bentley keeps tight control of… Continue reading Daredevil’s Mistress by Charlene Namdhari

Iron Cop by Sally Booth

Samantha Chadwick Thorne witnessed her husband’s murder at the hands of a crime boss and barely escaped herself. The murderer and his henchmen are hoping to stop her from testifying in the upcoming trial and find a missing item. Detective Nick O'Reilly holds a grudge against all high society women after his fiancée jilted him. Tasked… Continue reading Iron Cop by Sally Booth

Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms by Rachel Patterson

I found this book to be an excellent reference book for beginners. The author uses simple informative language that is perfect for beginners. The ingredients are easily sourced, and most are things you would have around the house. The author also encourages experimentation, finding what works best for you and using your intuition which I… Continue reading Kitchen Witchcraft: Spells & Charms by Rachel Patterson