Darkest Heart (Dominion, #1) by Juliette Cross

Darkest Heart is the first book in the Dominion series by Juliette Cross. Anya was once a guardian angel, devoting herself to helping orphaned children. Now the Angel has become a warrior, fighting against the malevolent creatures that roam the earth. Bitten by the demon prince, Simian, during a battle, poison is now seeping into her… Continue reading Darkest Heart (Dominion, #1) by Juliette Cross

The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls #1) by Kristen Painter

There are two types of plots I can’t resist-mail order brides and paranormal romance. To find both in this one story is a combination I could not resist. Set in a town where every day is Halloween, (my favorite holiday) my expectations were high. This didn’t disappoint. Delaney, on the run from a mobster boss,… Continue reading The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride (Nocturne Falls #1) by Kristen Painter

Bitter Night (Horngate Witches #1) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

This book had actually been languishing on my shelf for quite a while before I eventually sat down to read it. I had it devoured in several hours and I am looking forward to continuing the series. We leap right in to the story with little information given for a backstory. I actually had to… Continue reading Bitter Night (Horngate Witches #1) by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Death Be Burned (Terra Vane #4) by Katie Epstein

This is the fourth instalment in the phenomenal Terra Vane series. Terra is a human clairvoyant working as an enforcer field agent with her shifter partner Kaleb. They have been tasked with securing twelve deadly convicts who escaped from the Portside Prison. three prisoners now located they must now head Earthside to capture the remaining… Continue reading Death Be Burned (Terra Vane #4) by Katie Epstein