Earl to the Rescue by Jane Ashford

Gwendeline Gregory has been left destitute after the death of her parents. Alex St. Audley, Earl of Merryn intended to rescue a child and is astounded to find a beautiful young woman. He convinces her to travel to London with his eccentric mother to “thank” her mysterious benefactors. This was a convoluted plot with several… Continue reading Earl to the Rescue by Jane Ashford

More or Less a Temptress (The Somerset Sisters #3) by Anna Bradley

This is the third instalment in Ms Bradley’s Somerset sisters’ series. While part of the series each book can be read as a standalone. Hyacinth Somerset is the youngest of the Somerset sisters, and has always been considered shy and sensitive, her sisters and grandmother are quite protective of her, to such an extent that… Continue reading More or Less a Temptress (The Somerset Sisters #3) by Anna Bradley

First Earl I See Tonight (Debutante Diaries #1) by Anna Bennett

David Gray, Earl of Ravenport wants to restore “The Fortress” his childhood home for his beloved grandmother before she loses her sight. She is his only living family member and he is willing to do anything to make her happy. Miss Fiona Hartley is the daughter of a wealthy mill owner and is devoted to… Continue reading First Earl I See Tonight (Debutante Diaries #1) by Anna Bennett

Something More by Winnie Griggs

This book provides a different take on the familiar mail order bride premise. Elthia, hoping to prove to her wealthy family that she can be an independent woman believes she is being sent by an agency to be a governess for three months, to two children who live with their father and a bed-ridden mother.… Continue reading Something More by Winnie Griggs