Blackthorne’s Bride (Mail-Order Brides #4) by Joan Johnston

Published: July 25th 2017  Publisher: Dell  Length: 415 pages My Rating: 5 stars Blurb: Two years have passed since Josie Wentworth was bought from the Sioux for a gold watch and whisked back to England by Marcus Wharton, the Duke of Blackthorne. When Marcus breaks his promise to return Josie to America, she ends up… Continue reading Blackthorne’s Bride (Mail-Order Brides #4) by Joan Johnston

Never Doubt a Duke (Never #1) by Maggi Andersen

Published: June 4th 2020  Publisher:Dragonblade Publishing, Inc. Length: 247 Pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: Lady Nellie Dountry, and Charles, His Grace, Duke of Shewsbury have had their hearts broken in the past. Neither is prepared to chance love again. When they are compelled to marry because of an agreement made long ago by their… Continue reading Never Doubt a Duke (Never #1) by Maggi Andersen

Heiress for Hire (Duke’s Heiress #1) by Madeline Hunter

Published: April 28th 2020  Publisher: Zebra Books Length: 304 pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: Minerva Hepplewhite has learned the hard way how to take care of herself. When an intruder breaks into her home, she doesn't swoon or simper. Instead, she wallops the rogue over the head and ties him up—only to realize he… Continue reading Heiress for Hire (Duke’s Heiress #1) by Madeline Hunter

All You Need is a Duke (The Duke Hunters Club #1) by Bianca Blythe

Published: March 10th 2020 Publisher: Indie-published  Length: 220 Pages My Rating:  3 stars Blurb: When Margaret Carberry’s mother drags her upstairs at a ball, Margaret does not expect her mother to tie her to the bed and lock the door. Unfortunately, Margaret’s mother has taken it upon herself to declare Margaret compromised—whether or not Margaret… Continue reading All You Need is a Duke (The Duke Hunters Club #1) by Bianca Blythe