My Great Ex-Scape by Portia MacIntosh

Published: January 16th 2020  Publisher: Boldwood Books Length: My Rating: 2 star  Blurb: What if your future was somewhere in your past? Rosie Jones has been dumped by every boyfriend she’s ever had - most recently by Dinosaur Dave, live on TV, during the ‘phone-a-friend’ segment of a quiz show. After the footage goes viral… Continue reading My Great Ex-Scape by Portia MacIntosh

Saint (Knights of Fury #1) by Chantal Fernando

Sky hasn't had contact with her stepfather or his motorcycle club in five years. Her mother took her away for unknown reasons robbing her of the only true parent she's ever had and from Saint, the young man she considered her first love. When she receives a letter from Saint out of the blue, it… Continue reading Saint (Knights of Fury #1) by Chantal Fernando

The Billionaire Prince’s Daughter (European Billionaire Beaus Book 2) by Leslie North

This is the second book in the series featuring the royal princes of Stolvenia. This book features the middle brother Artur. Artur is the ultimate playboy prince. Given the way the people of Stolvenia feel about the Royals, being an extravagant playboy is not the image Artur needs to have. Enter Amy Branch, a PR… Continue reading The Billionaire Prince’s Daughter (European Billionaire Beaus Book 2) by Leslie North

The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop by Abigail Drake

Grace O'Leary has been dedicated to her dissertation, and her goal is within sight when she gets caught up in a cheating scandal and forced to leave the university in disgrace. When her boyfriend, also a chemistry doctorate candidate distances himself from her, she has nothing left to lose. When her aunt injures herself, it… Continue reading The Hocus Pocus Magic Shop by Abigail Drake