The Billionaire’s Mask (Mask, #1) by Margarette Grey

Published: April 22nd 2021 Publisher: Indie-Published Length: 270 Pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: He is mysterious and brilliant, wealthy and prominent, but no single soul has seen him in person. Well, no one should see him—that's one of his many rules. No one can touch him either; that's also another rule. Except for me… Continue reading The Billionaire’s Mask (Mask, #1) by Margarette Grey

The Darkest Promise (Lords of the Underworld #13) by Gena Showalter

Published: June 13th 2017  Publisher: Harlequin HQN Length: 432 pages My Rating: 5 stars Blurb: Possessed by the demon of Misery, Cameo isn't allowed to experience joy. If she dares, her memory is wiped clean. With no other recourse, she sneaks into a land more fantastical than any fairy tale, determined to find the one man… Continue reading The Darkest Promise (Lords of the Underworld #13) by Gena Showalter

Like Cats and Dogs by Kate McMurray

Published: May 4th 2021 Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca Length: 320 Pages My Rating: 2 stars Blurb: Things are getting ruff in this Brooklyn neighborhood when new veterinarian Caleb Fitch moves in next door to the Whitman Street Cat Cafe and gets on the wrong side of cafe owner Lauren Harlow. Lauren has a few things to… Continue reading Like Cats and Dogs by Kate McMurray

Wrath of the Tooth Fairy

by Sarina Dorie Published: July 21st 2020 . Publisher: REUTS Publications, LLC Length: 364 Pages My Rating: 4 stars Blurb: Mira has never understood why princesses have all the fun. Fairy godmothers deserve a taste of Prince Charming, too! Too bad that affair costs Mira her job and reputation. Cast out of the fairy realm and… Continue reading Wrath of the Tooth Fairy