Daredevil’s Mistress by Charlene Namdhari

Samantha Harman is a pampered princess. Longing to have some freedom she must persuade her over protective father to allow her to travel on her own to visit her college friend. Her father only agrees if Samantha will consent to an arranged marriage on her return to South Africa. Cody Bentley keeps tight control of… Continue reading Daredevil’s Mistress by Charlene Namdhari

Bay City Belle (In Old California #2) by Shirley Kennedy

I haven’t read the first in this series, but this isn’t a problem as it stands perfectly well on its own. This book is set five years after the civil war. Savannah lost much during the war and seeking an escape she agrees to become a mail-order bride. While travelling by train to meet her… Continue reading Bay City Belle (In Old California #2) by Shirley Kennedy

To Catch a Texas Star (Texas Heroes #3) by Linda Broday

To Catch a Texas Star is the third instalment in Linda Broday’s Texas Heroes series. I haven’t read the previous entry in the series, but this didn’t end up being a problem for me as the author has crafted a story that stands perfectly well on its own. Roan Penny has drifted from place to… Continue reading To Catch a Texas Star (Texas Heroes #3) by Linda Broday

Wild Passion (Montana Mountain #2) by Dawn Luedecke

Simon Sanders, has isolated himself following a cougar attack one year ago. Hiding his scarred face from the world he seeks solace at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Carrie Kerr, cannot watch the man she loves suffer any longer. Kidnapping him to bring him back to the world seemed like a good idea at… Continue reading Wild Passion (Montana Mountain #2) by Dawn Luedecke