Accidental Groom (Accidental Love #1) by Dana Mason

Mac is a commitment-phobe DJ well known in the local area, and a chance meeting with a crying woman sets him on a course he never expected. Kelley has some deep trauma in her past and having relocated she has a heavy burden of work and college to balance. The last thing she expected was… Continue reading Accidental Groom (Accidental Love #1) by Dana Mason

Misadventures with a Book Boyfriend by Victoria Blue

Oliver Connely has gone from being a household name to a washed out model all by the age of twenty-seven. After a chance encounter with a group of women, he finds himself embarking on a new venture.  Book Boyfriend Incorporated is born. Placing an online ad Oliver will meet lonely women and become the book… Continue reading Misadventures with a Book Boyfriend by Victoria Blue

King Of Flames (The Masks of Under) by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Lydia was content with her life up until a mysterious tattoo appears on her arm and the corpse she was autopsing tires to grab her. Her friend and co-worker Nick also has a tattoo appear and the two end up fleeing when a giant masked man begins chasing them. Eventually both are caught and Lydia… Continue reading King Of Flames (The Masks of Under) by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Communication Skills by Minxie Wells

Kira is a novelist and a dedicated scrabble player. Determined to get to the national Scrabble tournament she is stopped by a new man at the scrabble club, Grahame Grimes.  Kira has secretly been delving into the world of BDSM, and when one of her trivia group offers to take the group to a BDSM… Continue reading Communication Skills by Minxie Wells