Enticing the Earl by Kathleen Ayers

The Arrogant Earls #3

Published: June 7, 2022

Publisher: Dragonblade Publishing

Length: 154 Pages

My Rating: 3 stars


Time is running out for Oleana Honeywell.

She’s found safety as a housekeeper in the Earl of Montieth’s household, but she can’t stay hidden forever. The earl’s butler is determined to have her fired. Oleana doesn’t know the first thing about managing a household. She can’t even find the linen closet. And Carrot, her overly large, very spoiled cat has taken a liking to Lord Montieth.

Carrot’s affections are not returned.

But it is the attraction growing between Oleana and Montieth that worries her the most. No housekeeper, not even a fake one, should engage in trysts with their employer. Or worse, fall in love.

What will happen when Montieth finds out everything Oleana has told him is a lie?

My Review:

This book is part of a series but each one can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read any of the others. This is a quick read but the story is well paced despite its length. The author conveyed all she needed to without bogging the story down.

I loved the chemistry between Oleana and Montieth, and I am a sucker for a spoiled fat cat, I have three of my own. I have never read anyone so ill equipped to be a housekeeper than Oleana, how she expected to stay hidden is a mystery but it does make for some enjoyable, if predictable moments.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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