Dirty Little Misery by Tracey Martin

Miss Misery, Book 2

Published: First published August 12, 2014

This edition: May 31, 2022

Publisher: City Owl Press

My Rating: 4 stars


Lust can be downright lethal.

Thanks to her freakish magic, Jessica Moore was denied her dream to join the Gryphons. But after the magical law-enforcement agency tried to arrest her for murders she didn’t commit, Jess is no longer interested.

Too bad—they are.

Now that they know what she can do, they want Jess on their side. If she doesn’t agree to help them solve a new case, they’ll charge her with every magical crime she’s ever committed.

Nine people are dead. The cause? Exhaustion. The activity? Never-ending sex.

Someone sold them tainted F, an illegal aphrodisiac made by satyrs. No surprise, Jess’s satyr allies aren’t pleased with her investigation. Worse, it strains her tenuous relationship with Lucen, the one satyr she counts as a friend.

As Jess delves into the shady satyr business world, she unravels a scheme more sinister than dirty drugs—and her bond with Lucen unravels right along with it. Only the truth will save them. But not before it turns Jess into an ambitious killer’s next target.

My Review:

I am really enjoying this series, the world building continues in this installment and we get more of an understanding of the Satyrs’ and especially Lucien. I’m not a fan of multiple partners when one of the parties wants to be monogamous but I like how the author handled the situation. Its obviously going to continue to be an issue for Jess and I wonder how it will work out.

We also get more of the Gryphons in this book and while there is obviously something bigger at play in the background I enjoyed the main ‘case’ and didn’t guess the culprit.

This series is a must read for fans of urban fantasy looking for something fresh. Bonus point this is a re-release so the series is already complete and books 1,4 &5 are available for free for those with kindle unlimited.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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