Broken Prince by R.G. Angel

Cosa Nostra, Book 1

Published: 31 Mar 2021 |

Publisher: Indie

My Rating: 4 stars


Love can be their salvation…or their downfall…


Hartfield Manor is like me—cursed and unwanted.

Taking a job there as a live-in housekeeper is my only option. It’s not like anyone else wants to hire the daughter of infamous serial killers.

But my new boss…fascinates me. Shrouded in shadows, hiding his pain behind beastly manners, he draws me like no other.

He thinks he’s irredeemable. Unlovable.

Now I can’t help thinking, who better than the daughter of monsters to love a beast?


I had it all—and lost it.

I was a mafia prince. Now I’m a guilt-ridden, alcoholic recluse. Scarred, broken, and alone.

Then I met her.

Cassie’s like sunshine, lighting up my darkness. She makes me want to live again.

But my world is no place for an innocent like her. It’s too dangerous.

I’m too dangerous.

Because no matter how much I need her, I’ll never let my redemption come at the cost of her soul…

My Review:

Beauty and the Beast meets the mafia in this riveting read. I absolutely loved it. The characters are complex, engaging, and a reader can’t help but get wrapped up in the story. I love when two broken souls are able to come together and wow Cassie had a lot on her plate for someone so young.

I consumed this book in one sitting, this will appeal to any fans of beauty and the beast who like things hot.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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