by Serena Bell

Published: 29 March 2022

Publisher: Jelsba media group

Length: 300 pages

My Rating: 2 stars


That one night stand? It was just the beginning…

My new neighbor, Elle, is everything I avoid. Chatty, sunshine-y, and determined that since our kids are brand-new BFFs, we should be too.

That would be bad news even if I hadn’t had a one-night stand with her a few months back that turned me inside out.

You see, since my wife died, I keep to myself. I hook up, but it’s always one-and-done. So you can imagine my shock when I discover that the girl next door is the one woman I was hoping never to see again.

Now I’m seeing her again… and again, and again. And all the promises I made to myself? They’re starting to look more like lies.

An under-one-roof, widowed hero, enemies-to-lovers, grumpy-sunshine rom com.

This book was previously released in 2018 by another publisher. It has been lightly revised and re-edited.

My Review:

This book was only okay, very predictable, not very memorable. I’m writing this review some time since I read the book and there is nothing to make it stand out from all the others I’ve read. This book is mostly about sex and well it may be my own personal thing but I would like to think if you’ve only lost your much loved wife just recently you wouldn’t be getting down and dirty with someone in an alley.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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