Big Duke Energy by Kerrigan Byrne, Christi Caldwell, Amalie Howard, Janna MacGregor, Stacy Reid

Published:March 29, 2022

Publisher: Oliver Heber Books

Length: 577 pages

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Blurb: Kerrigan Byrne and Friends Present: The Seasons of Sin 2022 Anthology Collection. Four books for four seasons from highly-acclaimed, award-winning, and USA Today bestselling authors. Big Duke Energy is all brand new content where beloved secondary characters are granted their second chances at long-awaited happily ever afters!

THE EARL ON THE TRAIN by Kerrigan Byrne
Sebastian Moncrieff is a villain, a traitor, and a pirate, who has recently inherited an Earldom he never wanted. As a man who’s committed every sin imaginable, he knows his only chance at redemption is the one woman who ever reached through to his soul of ice. He’s kidnapped Veronica Latimer once before, and was enchanted by everything about her… This time, when he takes her, he’ll have to admit that she’s kept his heart captive since the moment they met. But can he convince her to forgive his past in order to claim a future?

LOVED AND FOUND: Christi Caldwell
Lieutenant Thaddeus Phippen has lived a lifetime away from the only love he ever knew, a powerful duke’s daughter. He’s now returned from fighting Boney’s forces, ready to put aside tragic battlefield remembrances and the memory of past heartbreak of love lost. Or that was the plan…until Thaddeus finds himself face-to-face with the one woman he soon finds he can’t ever forget… Is the divide between former lovers too great to forge a future together…or can they at last have a love to last a lifetime?

Lord Wulfric Bane, the Duke of Westmore knows that blood is thicker than water, that duty is more important than personal desire, and that some things, like falling in love, are never meant to be. Cossetted and coddled Lady Jocelyn Capehart has been bred to be the perfect lady. On the outside, she is demure, sweet, and biddable, but on the inside, a vixen longs to break free of her cage. A chance meeting at a sultry club leads to one sinfully explosive night that neither of them can forget.

PUT UP YOUR DUKES by Janna MacGregor
Martin “Duke” Richmond bows to no one, including any duke who protests what he publishes in his sensational gossip rag, The Midnight Cryer. Estranged from her husband for five years because of the incendiary gossip he spews, Amelia Richmond has made a life for herself smoothing “marital problems” with society’s most powerful couples. Her business faces ruin when her husband, Martin, goes on a rampage against one of the most powerful dukes in the British Isles. Using her best persuasive techniques to rein in Martin, Amelia finds herself falling for him once again which is bad…very bad.

Ethan Benedict, Duke of Bainbridge, has been an object of fear, fascination, and salacious gossip for years. To many, his reputation would make him an unlikely savior of a baby left on his doorstep. But Ethan saw the child as perhaps a pathway to redemption. What he did not anticipate was for his jaded heart to soften toward the mysterious young woman who infiltrates his household and secretly cares for the child.

My Review:

This book features novellas from some of my favorite historical romance authors. Each story is well written and well paced. This is a talent not many authors have but each story in this book shows how masterful these authors are.

While I preferred some stories over others. I mean Stacy Reid can not disappoint, each story is worth a read.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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