Fuckless: A Guide to Wild, Unencumbered Freedom

by Gianna Biscontini

Published: 17 May 2022

Publisher:Dynamite Lady Publishing

My Rating:


Sick of giving a fuck?
Break free.

In Fuckless: A Guide to Wild, Unencumbered Freedom, behavior scientist and lifestyle design coach Gianna Biscontini guides women through the process of liberating themselves from the ten archaic, stifling expectations (a.k.a. Fucks) society has placed on them for over a century so they can finally live life on their own terms.

Through humor, storytelling, and a healthy dash of behavioral science, you’ll learn step by step how to leave it all behind, dropping the beliefs that no longer fit and creating a new narrative about what it means to be female—and what exactly life looks like from here.

Full of thoughtful questions, gut-check exercises, and interview content from both men and women, Fuckless stands out as a book with a mission: to give women the applicable tools they need to change the way they show up in the world and to pour gasoline on the fire of the women’s movement.

My Review:

The blurb drew me in, and the title had me itching to read it if only the substance lived up to it. The author writes from an incredibly privileged point of view. She has clearly not had to experience real hardship. Her thoughts on female body weight and appearance are archaic and patronising the very things she reports to want to overcome.

Give this book a wide berth. It’s not worth the time and energy.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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