April May Fall by Christina Hovland

Published: 26 October 2021

Publisher:Entangled Publishing, LLC, Entangled Amara


My Rating: 4 stars


April Davis totally has her life in order. Ha! Not really. Yes, she’s the Calm Mom—a social influencer with a reputation for showing moms how to stay calm and collected through yoga—but behind the scenes, she’s barely holding it all together. Raising tiny humans alone is exhausting, but that’s just the chewed-up cherry on the melted sundae of her life. Her kids aren’t behaving, her husband left her for his skydiving instructor, and her top knot proves she hasn’t showered in days.

Then a live video of the “always calm” April goes viral…and she’s most definitely not. Enter Jack Gibson, April’s contact at the media conglomerate that has purchased April’s brand. The too-sexy-for-his-own-good Jack will help clean up April’s viral mess, and even work with her to expand her influence, but toddler tea parties and a dog with a penchant for peeing on his shoes were definitely not part of the deal.

Now April’s calm has jumped ship quicker than her kids running from their vegetables. Not to mention, the sparks flying between her and Jack have her completely out of her depth. Forget finding her calm—April’s going to need a boatload of margaritas just to find her way back to herself again.

My Review:

The author creates a realistic portrayal of motherhood. Even though April is ‘the calm mom’ even she struggles to keep it together. The kids are just great, they are written not as perfect little angels but as children who have their own personalities and there own coping mechanisms for dealing with their world being turned upside down.

I loved how Jack, even though overwhelmed, steps up to help with the kids and he knows that they come first for April. He helps her achieve her dreams by encouraging and supporting her.

This is a feel good read that gives you hope in the happily ever after. And I don’t mean fairytale I mean a relationship built on communication, love and compromise

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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