The Forget-Me Knot by Denise Liebig

Published: June 2021

Publisher: Indie Published

Length: 341 Pages

My Rating: 3 stars


Determined to avoid a similar future, Natalie focuses on her therapy practice instead of romance. But when a man claiming to be a ghost enters her office, a man only she can see, she realizes that her overworked mind might need a rest.

Fearing a nervous breakdown, Natalie goes on sabbatical to England, leaving everything behind except her cherished Celtic trinity-knot pendant… her forget-me knot. Before she can relax, however, the man appears again, stalking her throughout the British Isles.

And her problems only mount when a visit to a local pub reveals an eerie connection to a former life and love. The more she learns about her past, and her necklace’s link to it, the more Natalie’s much-needed vacation turns into a journey of self discovery that threatens her very soul.

Can the forget-me knot’s secret help Natalie leave her past behind so she can finally find true love?

The Forget-Me Knot is a captivating standalone supernatural novel. If you like paranormal ghost romances with a time travel twist, historical fantasy, and stories drawn from real past-life experiences, you’ll enjoy this enlightening tale

My Review:

Ok firstly I need to point out there is absolutely no time travel whatsoever in this book. None. What it does feature is flashbacks to previous lives and that is not to frequent.

What I like: The idea of reincarnation plot and past lives was interesting and well executed. This is the only reason I rated it as high as I did

What I didn’t like: The characters and the romance. I felt no chemistry whatsoever between any of the three main characters. The characters come across as juvenile despite Natalie being described as a mature sensible woman. She has a post graduate degree and an established therapy practice but she acts like a teenager.

Theo is even worse. His age is never stated but he acts like a petulant teenager. Leaving when things don’t go his way. Reacting with violence. Why he and Natalie had a physical relationship is beyond me. It just felt wrong. As for Frank he made my skin crawl and there should be a trigger warning because his actions both as a ghost and in past lives is disgusting.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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