The Wrangler’s Ready-Made Family: Wyoming Legacyby Lacy Williams

(Wind River Hearts Book 15)

Published:August 10th 2021


My Rating: 3 stars


Susie Crowell née White is a desperate young mother with another baby on the way. Her late husband left her nothing but his bad reputation. She has no money and is too ashamed to return home to her family. When she is trapped alone during a snowstorm with a stranger and the baby coming, her only choice is to rely on him.

Gil Hart came west to find healing for his consumption. He never expected to find himself trapped with a lost young widow. Or how fast he could fall for her and her two little ones. But it doesn’t take long for his secrets to come to light.

After everything she’s suffered in the past, can Susie ever trust another gambler?

My Review:

This book started off really well. Susie was a sympathetic relatable character. I loved how the relationship developed between Gil and Susie and I especially loved how Gil cared for Susie’s children.

The ending felt rushed and alot was left unresolved. I would have loved to have seen Gil reconnect with his family and I felt his illness resolved too easily. I was also surprised when the last chapter was actually not connected to the story taking place but was instead about another relative. This should be an excerpt or sneek peak.

This was an okay read, I would prefer a better conclusion but I would still recommend it.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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