A Spectacle of Souls

(Circus of the Stolen #1)

by Jessica Julien

A Spectacle of Souls (Circus of the Stolen, #1)

Published: July 7th 2020

Publisher: Bleeding Ink Publishing

My Rating: 2.5 stars


Caitlyn always thought she was just your average small-town waitress, but she’s anything but average. Suffering from frequent headaches and vivid daydreams, her oddities mask a secret hidden deep within her mind—one that could defeat even the cleverest of psychics.

When a mysterious circus arrives in town, Caitlyn is immediately drawn to it. While visiting the hypnotic show, she meets a seer who warns her of a gruesome future and urges her to stay away. But soon, Caitlyn finds herself ensnared in the show and the Ringmaster himself.

Recognizing Caitlyn’s powers for what they are, and believing they are the ones he has been searching for, the Ringmaster is determined to claim them as his own. Trapped within the circus and the Ringmaster’s devious grip, Caitlyn realizes that to escape the seer’s foretold fate, her only choice is to fight. Banding together with Bevier, an imprisoned psychic, Meg, an eccentric seamstress, and Daniel, a handsome magician, Caitlyn falls into the Psychic Realm to thwart the Ringmaster and stop the show before they succumb to his control and are trapped forever in his spectacle of souls.

My Review:

The positives: I loved the cover. It’s beautiful and begs a buyer to pick up the book. The blurb makes the book out to be an entertaining and compelling read.

The negatives: The story starts really slow and once the plot really starts the plot becomes convoluted and difficult to follow. The synopsis is not an accurate reflection of the story itself. The characters mentioned are barely in a paragraph apart from Daniel who had no character development he is pretty much one-dimensional. This is not a book I would recommend.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. *Blurb and cover image via Goodreads.


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