Pale Demon (The Hollows #9) by Kim Harrison

Pale Demon (The Hollows, #9)

Published: February 22nd 2011 

Publisher: HarperCollins 

Length: 439 pages

My Rating: 5 stars


Condemned and shunned for black magic, Rachel Morgan has three days to get to the annual witches’ convention and clear her name or be trapped in the demonic ever-after…forever after.

But a witch, an elf, a living vampire, and a pixy in one car going across the country? Talk about a recipe for certain disaster, even without being the targets for assassination.

For after centuries of torment, a fearsome demon walks in the sunlight – freed at last to slay the innocent and devour souls. But his ultimate goal is Rachel Morgan, and in the fight for survival that follows, even embracing her own demonic nature may not be enough to save her.

My Review:

Who doesn’t love a road trip? It is the perfect place for all kinds of hijinks, and there was plenty in this book. The later books in the series are definitely the better ones. The characters are more evolved, and the plot is far more intriguing. This is the ninth book, so by now, we are heavily invested in the main characters and are actively rooting for them.

I could have done without the whole elf quest thing that Trent was on. He was essential to the plot, but his goal was far-fetched and bizarre. The only good thing is that it allowed for some serious character development.

This series is really hotting up, and if you thought the first few were good, then you will be blown away with this.

*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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