Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches #1) by Carissa Andrews

Secret Legacy (The Windhaven Witches, #1)

Published: September 8th 2020

Publisher: Author Revolution LLC

My Rating: 3 stars


Family Secrets Shrouded in Death. An Ancestral Home with Secrets of its Own. And a Legacy of Power She Can’t Escape.

When Autumn gets a full scholarship invite to the Windhaven Academy, an exclusive college meant for witches and other supernaturals, she thinks someone in the head office has clearly made a mistake. She’s a mundane human with no special abilities whatsoever. Or so she thinks.

Ever since she moved into her dad’s ancestral home to give Windhaven Academy a try, strange things have been happening. There are weird, secret rooms in the house and her new friends keep urging her to learn more about her past in order to unlock her powers.

When Autumn finally uncovers her family’s secret legacy, she wants nothing more than to turn back time or walk away. But fate has other plans, and if she doesn’t bow to the power coursing through her, she could destroy the entire fabric of life and death.

My Review:

This is set in the future, a whole four years from now. I found this an unnecessary detail. The world is not going to change so drastically in a paranormal sense.  The entire book served as an overall prolonged world-building exercise. The author was only using this book as a set up for a more extensive series. It took far too long for anything to really happen that I struggled to stay interested. I also have issues with the ages of the characters. Autumn is 2o and only just getting started with college. Wade is 23, and he is deferring a year before he even starts. The characters would be more likeable if they were younger, I also hated the insta love. Autumn just meets Wade and shes thinking about giving up going to Windhaven.  That was so unbelievable, it almost turned me off the whole book.

I did like the idea of the book, discovering family secrets, unknown powers etc. not enough time was devoted to this. There was great potential in this book, but the author was too bogged down by a need to developed a magical world that she lost the whole story. I do think this series deserves a second chance so I will give the second book a chance, but The author really needs to up her game.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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