Beware of Bad Boy (Beware of Bad Boy #1) by April Brookshire

Beware of Bad Boy (Beware of Bad Boy, #1)

Published: October 15th 2013 

Publisher: Indie-published

Length: 215 Pages

My Rating: 5 stars


Before I met Gianna, I’d thought I was living life to the fullest, wild and carefree. Now that I had her in my life, I understood what it really meant to feel alive.

Until I met Caleb, I wasn’t sure beauty existed on my inside. With him in my life, I not only saw that beauty to my core but also in my world around me.

Gianna has everything going for her, beauty, popularity and the jock boyfriend to match. Too bad it all makes her miserable. Living her life based on other peoples’ expectations isn’t making her happy. She has only one escape, and she guards that secret life fiercely.

Caleb has everything he wants, the freedom to do as he likes and plenty of opportunities to do it. With a revolving door of girls in and out of his life, he has no interest in getting tied down. Kicked out of another school, his mom sends him to live with his dad.

Gianna hates her new stepbrother on sight.

Caleb thinks she’s a hollow beauty.

Then he finds out her secret and uses it to get to know the real her.

Changing who he is forever.

My Review:

Caleb and Gianna are step-siblings who went from being enemies-to-friends-to-lovers. I love this type of romance. I have read a lot of stepbrother romances lately, and this is one of the best. Although the characters are quite young 16-17, it fits the story. it’s mostly clean, but there is some action going on. The banter between these two is brilliant. They see the truth in each other. there’s no hiding, and even though they resist, the chemistry is too strong. There are elements of darkness, and in the next books in the series, things definitely take a turn for the worst. Our characters have to go through hell to earn their happy ever after. Its a rollercoaster ride of emotion and one I highly recommend.

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*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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