Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Is It Just Me?

Published: October 11th 2012  

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

Length: 323 Pages

My Rating: 5 Stars


Well, hello to you dear browser. Now I have your attention; it would be rude if I didn’t tell you a little about my literary feast. So, here is the thing: is it just me or does anyone else find that adulthood offers no refuge from the unexpected horrors, peculiar lack of physical coordination and sometimes unexplained nudity, that accompanied childhood and adolescence?

Does everybody struggle with the hazards that accompany, say, sitting elegantly on a barstool; using chopsticks; pretending to understand the bank crisis; pedicures – surely it’s plain wrong for a stranger to fondle your feet? Or is it just me?

I am proud to say I have a wealth of awkward experiences – from school days to life as an office temp – and here I offer my 18-year-old self (and I hope you too dear reader) some much-needed caution and guidance on how to navigate life’s rocky path.

Because frankly, where is the manual? The much needed manual to life. Well, fret not, for this is my attempt at one and let’s call it, because it’s fun, a Miran-ual. I thank you.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Miranda Hart. I regularly watch her show when I’m looking for some lighthearted fun. Reading this book, I could see Miranda and her actions, I could hear her voice as I read, and it made me laugh, cheered me up when I needed an escape. Her style of writing is very similar to her manner of speaking in the sitcom. And I found myself recognising some of the anecdotes from the series. I loved her technique of speaking with her younger self. It was an excellent humourous addition. 

Miranda is relatable, many of her embarrassing situations are some I’ve found myself in, I’ve flashed my underwear accidentally more times than I care to remember. She embraces life and takes great joy in simple things. She is a person to aspire too.  This is a great read, and if you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, then this is the book for you.


*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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