Death Be Told (The Terra Vane Series Book 5) by Katie Epstein

Death Be Told (The Terra Vane Series Book 5)

Published: February 1st 2019

Publisher: self

Length:  267 pages

My Rating: 4 stars


After receiving a letter from a human serial killer who calls himself The Bard, Enforcer Field Agent Terra Vane is ordered to temporarily step down as the leader of the Interside Enforcement Team to assist with the case.

For some reason, The Bard has made Terra his muse, and he is becoming more bold when sending her letters, likening her to his siren, his Little Mermaid.

With the need to track him down in haste so she can return to hunting down the supernatural criminals she’s used to chasing, Terra teams up with FBI Special Agent Noah Grady to track the killer who continues to evade them.

Not only that, her love life is a mess, and it’s time for her to confess her feelings to the one she wants to be with—even if it means facing her fears head-on.

Through her escalating visions of the terrifying serial killer, Terra is learning that a predator is still a predator, no matter if they’re human or not, and as her mentor once told her, sometimes the weakest, are the most dangerous.

My Review:

This is the fifth instalment in the phenomenal Terra Vane series. Terra is a human clairvoyant working as an enforcer field agent with her shifter partner Kaleb. They have been tasked with securing twelve deadly convicts who escaped from the Portside Prison. They are now based Earthside and Terra goes undercover to help capture a very human serial killer. This book moves away from the hunt for the escapees and focuses on the true evil humans are capable of. While I missed the supernatural elements, this is still a great read. It will put you through the wringer with the sheer scale of trauma and emotions this story evokes. The characters and setting are richly detailed and complex. This is a book for any fans of urban fantasy who are looking for a new series to get lost in. An added bonus for those who have kindle unlimited each book in the series is available for free.


*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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