Duty Bound (Bound and Tied #2) by Myla Jackson

Duty Bound (Bound and Tied, #2)

Published: January 11th 2011 

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Inc.

Length: novella

My Rating: 3 stars


the man won the hand, but the women changed the rules.

Bound and Tied, Book 2

Cowgirl KC Matheson is fresh out of ideas. Thanks to her father s unlucky poker hand, her family is about to lose their ranch. Desperate to entice the winner to let her family keep their home, KC appeals to a sensual stranger, Rosalyn, to help awaken her inner vixen. A vixen with the womanly skills to make a deal with the devil.

Sent to fetch a companion for his partner s pregnant wife, miner Jake Thompson never thought luck could change this fast. First, his royal flush lands him a ranch. Then a punch in the face. Now the rancher s daughter, a woman with a body made for sin, is trying to seduce him into giving up his winnings. Jake has a better idea: her for the ranch. And to ensure she makes good on the bargain, there s a catch she has to keep his interest, or the deal is off.

The three set off on the two-day trek to Jake s claim, experiencing wondrous delights in the cool mountain air. Then reality sets in, leaving Jake saddled with a mail-order bride, a deflowered virgin, and an unexpected desire to make things right with KC forever. Warning: This title contains hot menage a trois scenes, girl-on-girl action, bondage, and two determined women double the heat for one sexy miner. To settle a debt right proper only takes some female know-how, a willing student and a length of rope!”

My Review:

I would recommend this book to other readers it’s a hot short read. I would have rated it higher. However, I really disliked the character of Rosalyn. She added nothing to the story, and as I was reading, I just wanted to scream at her to go away. while I enjoyed the first book in the series, Honor Bound, I definitely won’t be reading Rosalyn’s story

*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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