A Matter of Manners (Shades of Sin, #1) by Terry Graham

A Matter of Manners (Shades of Sin, #1)

Published: January 27th 2020  

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press

Length: 241 pages

My Rating: 4 stars


Jeremy Wyles believes himself sterile. He’s also a sadist and fears no lady would agree to marry him. When a woman shows up on his doorstep, pregnant and claiming to be his wife, he’ll do whatever is necessary to ensure his dukedom has an heir. A loveless marriage in name only seems the perfect solution, but his disobedient duchess stirs his desire for discipline…and something more.

Irish rebel Kathleen “Katy” Brennan only seeks recompense from the husband whose cousin married her by proxy and left her with child. The bargain he offers is tempting. He’ll claim her baby as his own, and she can become the grand lady she’s always imagined. There’s just one condition she’s not sure she can live with. The delicious-looking duke refuses to touch her…ever.

Can Jeremy put aside the wicked urges that rule his life, or will Katy’s rebellious spirit destroy his tenuous control? 

My Review:

Jeremy is a tortured man. Afraid of his true nature and has already buried two wives, he has been told he is sterile.  Katy takes a little while to get used to. Her secrecy is annoying, and I have serious issues with the cousin angle. Why would a man who obviously loves his wife in later parts of the book be portrayed as a philanderer, in the beginning,

The sex is off the charts in terms of heat. I am a big fan of BDSM romances, and this one certainly delivers. I am anxiously awaiting the next in the series.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

*Blurb and cover image via Goodreads. 


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