Flint Walker sent for a mail-order bride to help him on his farm and help him manage his rowdy twin brothers who were old enough to be responsible for themselves. Little did he realize that his mail-order bride would arrive with two girls that she became the guardian of after their mother’s death. He wasn’t a man to go back on his word, so he married Tessa and hoped for the best.

Tessa Rayker was unsure how Flint would feel about her arriving with Susan and Mandy, but was happy he still wanted to marry her. When problems arose, she felt like Flint regretted marrying her and there was a woman in town who wanted to take Tessa’s place. Tessa wasn’t a woman to give up her husband or let another woman scare her off. Would their newfound love be strong enough to keep their marriage together?

My Review:

I found there was too much crammed into a short story. The pace moved too quickly making the romance unrealistic, the characters had no time to develop. It read like a full novel that had been edited down to fit into 58 pages. I will not be reading anything further by this author as it was not worth the money I paid.

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