Four (Rules Undying #1) by R.E. Carr

Four (Rules Undying, #1)


Finding a job is never easy, and the only employment Gail usually finds is acting as Girl Friday for the mob. Lucky for Gail, Georgia Sutherland has just the job for her—that is, if she can handle working nights, managing a little blood, and a boss who’s been dead for centuries.

In a single interview, Gail’s world turns upside down as she discovers that all she’s seen in Hollywood isn’t quite true; vampires don’t combust in sunlight, but they do fall in love.

Are Georgia’s stories enough to persuade Gail to take the gig catering to an antediluvian vampire who’s thirsty for a new personal assistant? If Gail wants to live out the year and retire rich, she just needs to remember the Four Rules that govern undead society.

My Review: 

What the hell did I read?

From the blurb you expect the book to be about Gail, but that is not the case. Georgia is the main character, and by the end, she’s not even a particularly likeable person. The first three quarters can be described as boring but will keep you entertained if you have nothing better to read. The last quarter of the book enters WTF territory. It’s confusing as the book sharply changes direction, Gloria and Ren are suddenly declaring their love for one another and the secret plan makes no sense.

Do yourself a favour and find something better to read.

*cover image and blurb via Goodreads.


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