Kissed by Magic (Magic & Mayhem) Book 1 by Erica Ridley

Kissed by magic is the first book in Ms Ridley’s Magic and Mayhem series. The three stories have been previously published but have now been revised and re-edited. The stories are not connected through setting or characters, but each features a paranormal romance with a dash of comedy.

Kissed by magic is set in an alternate reality, our hero is an adventurer in a present-day setting who yearns to own a pirate ship. To escape from the bounty on his head, he sets out to retrieve the treasure hidden within icebound Castle Cavanaugh and guarded by an ancient curse.

Lance successfully navigates the treacherous terrain and gains entry to the castle only to discover the treasure is not what he expected. Princess Marigold has been trapped in the palace since medieval times, forever alone and each night at midnight the day resets, trapping her in a never-ending Christmas eve.

Marigold refuses to acknowledge the attraction she feels for the dashing adventurer. Like all who have dared breach the castle, once the clock strikes midnight, the evergreen will gain a new figurine. When something changes, she dare not hope that her curse is breaking.

This reads like a historical romance that has the advantages of modern technology. Princess Marigold’s discovery of candy crush and the fear of a low battery is one we can all relate to.

Erica Ridley is one of my favourite historical romance writers. Discovering she had written a series with a paranormal element was something I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Ms Ridley writes compelling characters, and with her special dash of humour, her books are a joy to read. This book far exceeded my expectations, it was funny and engaging with the perfect taste of passion and steam to satisfy any lover of romance readers.

I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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