Pawsitively Poisonous (Witch of Edgehill #1) by Melissa Erin Jackson

Amber Blackwood has lived in  Edgehill, Oregon, her whole life. Even her parents’ deaths couldn’t drag her away and while her sister managed to leave it all behind. Amber has lived a semi reclusive life running her store The Quirky Whisker. While the residents of Edgehill think Amber is just running a shop like any other in this feline obsessed town, hers is a little bit more. Amber is a witch and uses her magic in the items she sells.

No one has realised that there is something more to AMber except the new police chief who has been watching Amber closely since he arrived. When one of Ambers only friends is murdered its the chance the police chief needs to investigate Amber.

Amber finds herself dragged into the investigation while trying to keep her secrets and begins to discover there is more to her friend than she thought.

I love a book with a quirky town, and this book definitely had one of those. The murder mystery unfolds at a good pace, and it keeps you hooked. I loved Amber, and her shop is one I would definitely visit if I could. I thought there would be a romance element between Amber and the police chief but the presence of a pregnant wife and son rules that out. I am eagerly anticipated the next in this series to learn more about the wonderful cast of characters the author has created.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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