Unchained Desire (Rapture #1) by R.C. Alvarez

Kyria and her father have been on the run from the cartel for as long as she can remember. Once more, her father instructs her to pack up and be ready to leave the ranch that has become home. This time is different though her father is sick and isn’t thinking clearly. When he collapses, Kyria must rush to find her father’s contact Ramiel before it’s too late.

Ramiel isn’t what she’s expecting, a tattooed chained man with haunted eyes hanging out in a dive bar.  When Ramiel refuses to help her Kyria and sends her on her way. When she is attacked on her way back to the hotel by frightening creatures, she is only saved when Ramiel steps in. She finds her entire world rocked when she discovers that the cartel isn’t precisely human.

Ramiel is a fallen angel who has been enslaved to a demon queen for centuries. Granted seven days free from hell to replenish his power he hadn’t intended to get dragged into an innocent beauty’s troubles, but he can’t resist the pull that is drawing him to her.

This was an okay read from a debut author. The pacing suffered at times, and while the characters were well developed, the book couldn’t hold my interest.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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