Chasm Walkers (Blackburn Chronicles #3) by Raquel Byrnes

This is the third book in the Blackburn Chronicles the books should be read in order as the story follows Charlotte Blackburn as she battles against corruption and the wasting trembling sickness that has her in its grip.

Charlotte has escaped the evil Viceroy Arecibo with no memory of how or why she did so, she only has snippets of the torture she endured. Working alongside Sherriff Riley to save the people of Outer City who are at risk from Europe Coalition and The Order and with a new version of the trembling sickness on the loose Charlotte has a lot on her hands. Further complicating things is the return of Charlotte’s ex-love Ashton Wells who is determined to overthrow the Order from the inside.

This book has sat on my to-read shelf for a long time, I devoured the first two in the series and loved them, but I couldn’t reignite my interest in this book. I feel the series lost steam in this book, which is unfortunate as the series deserved a fitting conclusion. While still good book the previous instalments were better.


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