American Witch by Thea Harrison

For the past several months strange things have been happening to Molly Sullivan, car breakdowns, electrical surges, while preparing a dinner party for her husband’s colleagues Molly discovers that he has cheated on her, again. Enough is enough she confronts him in front of his guests including the new DA. when she leaves she has the smarts to grab all financial documents before her soon to be ex can hide their assets.

Josiah Mason is the new prosecutor in town. He is also a powerful witch and leads a coven bent on revenge against an ancient evil. When Josiah meets Molly at the party, he realises she is a witch who is only now coming into her power; he hopes to enlist her aid, the powerful attraction he feels for her is just a side benefit.

Molly is shocked to discover she is a powerful witch and when she realises her husband has been involved in illegal activities she passes the information to Josiah, but it seems Molly has found herself drawn into a complicated and dangerous situation. When her husband is killed along with her divorce attorney Molly must flee to save her life. At nearly forty and just out of a nasty marriage Molly wants nothing to do with Josiah and his revenge plans. She has enough going on in her life, but sometimes fate has a way of stepping in.

Thea Harrison is a new to me author, but I will definitely be looking into her other works. This story was a gripping read full of twists and turns with complex characters. I also loved the fact that Molly was a mature woman, not your typical heroine in fantasy novels. Even though an awful lot is going on in this book plot-wise, the author does an excellent job in balancing out the details, so the reader isn’t overwhelmed. I look forward to reading more in this story and discovering more about the background characters.

I received an arc of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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