Communication Skills by Minxie Wells

Kira is a novelist and a dedicated scrabble player. Determined to get to the national Scrabble tournament she is stopped by a new man at the scrabble club, Grahame Grimes.  Kira has secretly been delving into the world of BDSM, and when one of her trivia group offers to take the group to a BDSM club, Kira reluctantly agrees. She is horrified when she spots Grahame at the bar. When the doorman gives her a note, she finds herself agreeing to meet Grahame.

Grahame offers to show her the BDSM world and develop her submissive side, there is only one problem if she hesitates or backs out of something, everything ends.

This is a well written book it just wasn’t for me. I prefer monogamy in my romance and sharing is a turn off for me which is a heavy feature of this book. There was no real chemistry or romance between the two and the ending left the relationship between the two a mystery. If you enjoy a novella, full of kink then this is for you but if like me you like monogamy and a happy ending then stay away from this.


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