To Dream Is To Die (Dead Dreamer #1) by Sarah Lampkin

Three years ago Brenna Whit was in a horrific car accident and was dead for six minutes before she was resuscitated. since then, every time she goes to sleep her spirit wanders the Fade/ spirit world. Now she is starting college as a freshman and hopes her secret will remain hidden but one night after discovering strange seals on a tree she is horrified when she finds someone staring right at her.

As Brenna discovers more about the world she now inhabits there are dangers lurking around every corner. She finds herself having friends for the first time and on the trail of a dangerous secret society all while trying to attend classes and keep herself safe.

This was a gripping read. Brenna is a funny, sarcastic character who is a kickass main character. I look forward to further exploring her adventures in future instalments.


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