Fianna’s Awakening (Warriors of Myth and Legend, #1) by Ron C. Nieto

This book started out well, a kick-ass spunky heroine who was witty and fierce. The initial chemistry between the two main characters Aisling and Ronan was electric but it all fizzled about halfway through. There was limited world building with a mismatch of mythical characters.

Ireland has a rich mythological history and the author took bits and pieces of different eras and jumbled them all together, unsuccessfully in my opinion. The author would have been better off picking one and developing it rather than several name drops.

I checked the author’s website to see where she was from and all it stated was a European city. I have to think from her erroneous writing about Dublin that its a different city as there are numerous inaccuracies. We do not have police we have gardai, there is no western Dublin, its broken down into different numbered areas, place names are wrong, Trinity is a college, not an area and its situated right at the heart of the city centre, its Temple Bar, not temple and guns are not typically found too easily. .There was also a mention of Ronan’s ” sweet Gaelic lilt” what is that? Ireland is renowned for having a wide variety of accents for such a small country and no Irish person would ever refer to an accent like that. Maybe the author is Irish but it didn’t come across that way I know it’s nitpicking and that readers from outside Ireland would not know the difference but it bothered me and dragged down my opinion of the book.
I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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