The Cowboy’s Honor (Runaway Brides #2) by Amy Sandas

The Cowboy’s Honor is the second book in Amy Sandas’ Runaway Brides series. I haven’t read the first, but each book can be read as a standalone.

Courtney Adams is ready to marry the man her parents picked out for her. dressed in her wedding finery she is waiting to make the trip to the church when a messenger inadvertently delivers a message meant for someone else. Her fiancée is in love with another woman. Fleeing Boston, she embarks on a journey to meet her friend who has made a life in Montana.

Dean Lawton doesn’t want or need a wife, no matter what his brother says. Instructed to pick up a “package” from the post office, Dean is horrified when he sees a woman dressed for a wedding. Furious at his brother he decides he will just have to marry her and sort everything out later.

Courtney agrees to accompany the taciturn rancher, thinking he will aid her to find her friend and finds it a little odd when they must meet the judge first. Discovering that she has somehow found herself married to the rancher is not welcome news. Both agree to a speedy annulment when the mix up is discovered, but the judge has other ideas, he will only dissolve the marriage if the remain together for four weeks.

Thrown together in less than ideal circumstances the two embark on a journey of discovery and healing but when the clock runs out will these two headstrong people realise that a case of mistaken identity was a mistake worth making.

This is a slow burn romance featuring two headstrong, intelligent characters. The exchanges between these two are filled with sexual tension and at times funny. I loved Courtney, she is not the spoiled heiress expecting to be waited on, she adapts to her surroundings and has a positive outlook. She isn’t afraid to back down and refuses to hide away when the time comes for her to return to Boston. I wanted to smack some sense into Dean a few times when his stubbornness blinded him to what was right in front of him. Overall this was an enjoyable read that kept me hooked and I would heartily recommend it to fans of mail-order bride romances.

I received an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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