Witches Gone Wicked (Womby’s School for Wayward Witches #3) by Sarina Dorie

This is the third book in Sarina Dorie’s Womby’s School for Wayward Witches series. The author has intended for the books to be read out of order but I prefer to see the story develop chronologically.

This book picks up shortly after the second. Clarissa Lawrence dreams of learning magic and now it’s finally becoming a reality but her dreams of a Harry Potter experience are quickly thwarted. Womby’s school for wayward witches caters to the delinquents and charity cases in the unseen realm, there are the same budget concerns, heavy workload and working with a bunch of juvenile delinquents when you can’t control your magic is a recipe for disaster. If she fails her powers will be drained, or worse yet, she might be enslaved by the Fae. Just in case that wasn’t enough teachers are mysteriously disappearing and Clarissa may just be next.

I really loved this book. Clarissa is still the dorky fantasy obsessed heroine trying to navigate through a world that carries so many risks. Filled with hilarious misadventures usually with a sexual undertone that virgin Clarissa has difficulty handling. I was offered some of the books for review which is how I discovered this series but I did go back to the beginning, some are available on kindle unlimited, this title for example, and others I purchased.


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