Wicked with the Scoundrel (Wicked Secrets #3) by Elizabeth Bright

Wicked with the Scoundrel is the third instalment in Elizabeth Bright’s wicked secrets series. I have read one other book in the series but each book can be read as a standalone.

Colin Smith is returning to England, much to his disgust after ten years travelling. The bastard son of a viscount and a maid he has no love for society but he is in need of a financial backer to finance his excavation in Egypt. He has set his sights on the Marquess of Chatwell, who is known to have deep pockets and an interest in antiquities.

Lady Claire Harrison, daughter of the Marquess of Chatwell, has accompanied her father to view a selection of antiquities at her friends home. There she finds herself enamoured of the adventurer she meets there.  Claire has an eidetic memory and remembers everything, every boring, mundane moment of her life. She longs for excitement and adventure, Deciding that Colin is the man for her she devises a plan to make him a suitable match, she will help him find the lost treasure of Scipio which will bring him riches and acclaim.

Colin agrees to the scheme when the Marquess agrees to finance his next mission in return for keeping Claire safe. Colin is finding it hard to resist Claire’s unique attractions, and when she unbelievably leads him to the lost treasure they both give in to their feelings. Their new relationship is not without its difficulties as they navigate through some serious obstacles.

I enjoyed this read, I found Claire to be especially endearing and it held my attention. Overall I would recommend this book. I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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