Hex-Ed by Sarina Dorie (Womby’s School for Wayward Witches #2)

This is the second book in Sarina Dorie’s Womby’s School for Wayward Witches series. While this book falls under young adult as the series progresses the books feature more adult themes so I would not recommend it for younger readers. The author has intended for the books to be read out of order but I prefer to see the story develop chronologically.

This book begins about six years after the events in book one. Clarissa has tried to move on from the tragic events and is now trying to finish her teaching placements to become a certified art teacher. Unfortunately, she has been fired from all her placements so far because of odd occurrences. She has just been fired from her latest placement after a disastrous class on sex education where bananas suddenly resembled a certain part of the male anatomy. The state school psychologist from her childhood is still keeping an eye on her, she even meets him in a different district.

To make ends meet during the summer she works at a local craft fair where she comes to the attention of the organiser of the county fair who books her to perform a magic show at the same fair her sister disappeared from. Once there she finds the psychologist, Felix Thatch, in the audience, along with some other interesting characters. Running from him she finds herself at the mercy of a wicked witch and finally understands that she is a witch. It turns out Thatch is a recruiter for Womby’s school for wayward witches. The principal offers her a position at the school as art teacher where Thatch will act as her tutor in magical skills. There is only one issue, her biological mother was the previous headmistress and she was evil. The beings in the unseen realm will expect her to be exactly like her mother and the Raven Queen is waiting to capture her.

I really loved this book. Clarissa is still the dorky fantasy obsessed heroine who has now entered adulthood. Filled with hilarious misadventures usually with a sexual undertone that virgin Clarissa has difficulty handling. I was offered some of the books for review which is how I discovered this series but I did go back to the beginning, some are available on kindle unlimited, this title for example, and others I purchased.


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