The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (Mackenzies & McBrides #8) by Jennifer Ashley


IN 1745 Scotland, Malcolm, the youngest of the scandalous Mackenzie’s is considered to wild to tame, that is until he meets the one woman he shouldn’t want.

Mary Lennox is the daughter of an Englishman loyal to the crown. Engaged to a man exactly like her father, she finds her attention drawn to the Scotsman who sets her passions aflame.

When war breaks out between the Highlanders and the Kings army, Malcolm finds himself not only battling for his homeland but fighting for a wife.

This series has long been my favourite in historical romance. “old Malcolm” is referenced so frequently in the series that the opportunity to see his story is a chance not to be missed. This book takes us back to the very beginning of the Mackenzie clan to the romance that started it all. The grandfather of the heroes we have grown to love in the Mackenzie series.

Jennifer Ashley does not disappoint as we journey further back in time to the ancestors of the current Mad Mackenzies. Set during the war between England and Scotland this story is beautiful, heartbreaking and highlights the strong bonds of family.

I cannot recommend this enough. Absolutely loved it.


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